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A medium provides one with a connection to Spirit guides or passed on loved ones, like a channel/bridge, whereby they get messages and pass them onto the client. During a reading, Spirit will “step forward” to offer messages that are relevant to you at the time of a reading.



Karyn uses a method called "Psychometry”. This usually involves her holding a set of keys, glasses or jewellery that has only ever been yours. Holding these objects allows her to connect with your energy vibrations, spirit guides and passed on loved ones, thereby opening sacred space for spirit/loved ones to “step” forward and for the reading to take place.


Each reading is unique to the client at that moment in time. Spirit/loved may offer guidance, insights, healing and will always be working in alignment with your highest good, soul purpose & Divine Will. They will not tell you what to do, as you are responsible for your own life and free will. It is up to you to discern what these messages mean for you.





  • Messages from loved one who have passed over and want to let you know they are ok

  • Confirmation that loved ones are near and you are hearing or feeling their presence

  • Reconnection to loved ones

  • Comfort during time of grief

  • Peace

  • Resolution

  • Forgiveness

  • Closure

  • Insights guidance into difficult situation/s

  • Insights/guidance into past or future

  • Healing

  • Clarity

  • Direction

  • Encouragement

  • Love

  • Blessings

  • Deeper level of knowledge

  • Connection to spirit guides

  • Insights into your soul purpose/path

  • Soul progression

  • Insights into your spiritual gifts

  • Enlightenment

And more...



A natural Psychic, Medium & Healer, Karyn has always been very sensitive to energy vibrations, seeing, feeling and communicating with spirit & psychic visions since birth and has over 26 years’ experience providing readings professionally and worldwide. “It is very humbling to be a channel of love, healing and messages for Spirit. – Connecting Heaven and Earth along the rainbow bridge.”



£45 1/2 hr reading Face to face/Telephone call

£90 for an hr reading Face to face/Telephone call


Call/text or WhatsApp Karyn on 07464 617 315

Email: [email protected]



** A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (within 24hrs) to secure your appointments. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation. If there is no notification of cancellation of appointment prior to 48hrs notice  or non-attendance on day of appointment (no show), payment made is non-refundable.


** Before booking an appointment please ensure you download and agree to the Covid-19 Policy & Protocol for all in person sessions.


** For Telephone sessions, payment is required in full at the time of booking (within 24hrs) to secure your appointments. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation. If there is no notification of cancellation of appointment prior to 48hrs notice or non-attendance on day of appointment (no show), payment made is non-refundable.


** Note: Karyn is very committed to her work and clients, and in return asks for these terms & conditions to be respected. Please be mindful, your appointment time will automatically be filled by another client, if payment has not been made to secure your booking. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.


** Please read the legal disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking. Upon making a booking, you therefore give consent to and are in agreement with these terms and disclaimer.



All readings are for information purposes only and should not be substituted for Professional Medical, Legal or Financial Advice.  A doctor or health care provider should be consulted for any medical conditions.


In accordance with UK Law we have to advise you that all readings are for entertainment purposes only. No guarantee can be given on their accuracy. Readings given are applicable at that moment in time only. What you do once you leave the reading/appointment may alter the results. All readings and questions answered are subject to your own interpretation and judgement and should at no time be regarded as legal, financial, psychological, medical or business fact.


You are personally responsible for your own life and the choices you make are yours and no one else. Awaken Inner Sense will not be held responsible or liable for any actions taken after a reading, you have free will and therefore you are personally responsible for any decisions and actions you may take.  No readings will be provided for children under the age of 18.



“I came to see you for a reading and healing maybe 2 years ago…you did tell me that you could see me going to study in health and succeed… Well you were right!...You helped me so much and I will always be grateful that. Thank you very much." Jennifer *


"Life changing experience on so many levels, thank you so much!" Lancashire, UK *


"I just wanted to say a big big thank you for my reading. I felt very closed up and you helped me untangle the knots. Thank you for sharing your light and energy." Cumbria UK *


"I feel a lot more relaxed and confident about my situation and future. I will definitely get back in touch with you." Carlisle UK *


“That was really helpful thank you, I knew someone was trying to let get in touch with me, but I didn’t realise it would be. That is really comforting to know” Barrow, Cumbria, UK *


“I found Karyn to be a very caring, genuine and accurate psychic and medium. You can feel the love from Spirit in the room and I came away feeling very much at peace, calm and a sense of being healed somehow. Thank you so much it was wonderful to have met you. Manchester UK*


” I went to see Karyn to see if my husband had found closure when he died. I was amazed that she was able to tell me how he died and why, it helped me to release the guilt I was feeling and was able to fully grieve and understand what I was going through knowing that he was ok on the other side. I felt that he was in the room with us at the time and that helped me so much. The love and compassion I got was very special and unexpected. Thank you so much.”  London, UK *


“I really don’t know how you picked up so much, you are spot on, thank you for all your support.” UK *


“I really felt the love from spirit in the room during the reading. Felt so loved. Thank you.” Ulverston, UK *


“Karyn mentioned that I would find a cottage that I would be able to afford, I could not see how that was going to happen, but it has! I am so happy where I live now, there is so much peace around me and I have started my own business. Thank you so much.” SA *


“I was drawn to see Karyn, and I glad I listen to my hunch. Karyn helped me through such a difficult time in my life, within 3 weeks of the reading, I sold my house, which I could not sell for 2 years, and now live in a magical part of the world, in my dream house. Her reading brought so much closure and healing. She is a true psychic and healer.” Wales, UK *


“I have been to see a few psychics; however, I find Karyn to be the most accurate. She picked up so much of what I was experiencing and the guidance that came through really touched me deeply. I now have clarity on what I need to do to bring things back into balance in my life” Edinburgh, UK *


“You predicted I would live with my family in a long house with roses over the door, well guess what I do!”  Windermere, UK *


* This may vary from person to person