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Past life regression is a holistic therapy that works with a person as a whole – not only body and mind, but your emotions and spirit too. It is based on the theory that your reactions or responses to certain situations or events may be rooted in the past.


Past life regression can be useful in cases where there is a deeper root cause to an issue in this lifetime, that remains unresolved with other methods of therapy/healing technique. It allows the client to access emotions and experiences stored deep within their memory.


Past-life regression is typically done in a psychotherapeutic setting, whereby the practitioner uses a hypnotherapy technique(s) to recover what the practitioner believes to be memories from past lives or previous incarnations. The purpose or hope of past life regression is to discover a root cause of an issue that may be from a past life, which is affecting you in your current life. This will give the practitioner a focus in which to direct you towards the most relevant past lives in relation to the issues you wish to resolve.



The practitioner will ask the client a series to questions about your current life and the issues you wish to resolve. The practitioner works with you to access the patterns you wish to work through, how many sessions may be required and the suitable length a session would need to be. Naturally this varies from client to client based on the issues they wish to resolve.


Hypnosis is used by the practitioner to help the client relax. Each person will experience hypnosis slightly differently, but it is claimed to be a fully sensory experience in that the client not only visualises situations but are able to hear, smell and access feelings associated with that experience. Hypnosis is an active process whereby the client is actively taking part in the process.


Practitioners use specific questions and suggestions to guide you through the process to gain access to past life memories with regards to the issues currently unresolved. It is an outcomes focused process allowing for the client to find resolution, insight, gain understanding, personal growth and healing.


Although the client may initially encounter negative experiences/traumas etc. It is hoped that, by going through this process, the client will regain a sense of understanding, find solutions, gain positive insights to resolve the root cause of the issues in this lifetime. It is hoped that through this process the client may at the same integrate spiritual insights, enlightenment and healing as a result.


Some people may glimpse several life times, whereas others may delve into one specific lifetime. In some cases, the client may initially explore issues related to this lifetime which need resolution before your unconscious mind will allow access to previous lifetimes. The practitioner works closely with the signals the unconscious is ready to work through and the pace required. So, in some instances you may not initially get to the past life in the first session. This can be common if there are other aspects of the person that need to heal / integrate before making ‘it safe’ to further explore past lives in a positive, supportive and progressive way – holistic approach.  It is also normal to be unsure of where the memories come from, that you may have made them up, but as you continue with the process those doubts will fade away.



  • Recurring nightmares

  • Recurring patterns or responses with no known origin

  • Chronic illnesses

  • Relationship issues

  • Chronic fears and phobias for no apparent reasons

  • Feeling stuck in life

  • Feeling no direction in life

  • Addictions



  • Gain a better understanding to unresolved issues of unknown cause

  • Heal and integrate past life lessons, learnings and unresolved issues affecting this life

  • Heal and reconnect to true aspects of self/soul

  • Gain a sense of internal peace

  • Enhance journey of personal growth

  • Recover past life gifts needed in this lifetime, to fulfil your life’s purpose

  • Spiritual healing

  • Gain profound awareness of yourself greater than this lifetime/body



A Past life Regression session usually lasts about 1.5 – 2 hours. The first session may last up to 2.5 hrs. to allow for a detailed case history to be taken as well as providing an opportunity for the client to gain trust and confidence with the therapist. The therapist will establish what it is the client wishes to achieve through past life regression and will agree a number of sessions it may take, with a view to reviewing this after a couple of sessions. Feeling safe, comfortable and secure with the therapist helps the induction of a hypnotic trance. The length of subsequent treatments depends on the problem or symptom and the individual's circumstances, as mentioned above and is dependent on what unfolds, i.e. may need to explore this life before past lives can be accessed.



Karyn incorporates psychotherapeutic techniques into the past life regression sessions. Hypno-Psychotherapy is the use of both psychotherapy tools and hypnotherapy tools, unlike a trained hypnotherapist who just uses hypnotherapy tools. Hypno-psychotherapy allows one to explore deeper rooted and more complex issues in a safer and contained way to aid healing, integration and most of all access to wounded or traumatised experiences in a much safer and holistic way, without the client being retraumatised.


  • Safe, non-judgemental and nurturing space.

  • Caring and compassionate

  • Gently challenging

  • Supportive and Encouraging

  • Insightful

  • Outcome focused therapy and solutions

  • Holistic and Integrative approach

  • Expansive and developing

  • Supports and encourages self-empowerment

  • Follows confidentiality and ethical commitments in line with UKCP and NSHP code of ethics



Karyn Segers is a Professional Hypnotherapist, with over 13 years’ experience and is an accredited member of the UKCP (United Kingdom Council of Psychotherapists), a fellow member of the NSHP (National Society of Hypnosis and Psychotherapy), Registered member of CNHC for Hypnotherapy and a member of Awaken School of Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies Ltd. Her experience includes working with people between the ages 18-94 years old, both professionally and privately. Experience includes working with past life regression, regression, trauma, rape, abuse, stress related to work or family, stop smoking, weight management, sleep disorders, inner child healing, past life and soul healing, grief and bereavement related problems as well as phobias. Her Qualifications include PG Dip in Outcome Oriented Psychotherapies, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy DIP, Psychology DIP, Intermediate Clinical Hypnotherapy Cert, NLP Practitioner Cert



Initial First Past Life Regression session 2.5 hrs - £125

Past life Regression 1.5 hrs - £82.50

Past life Regression 2 hrs - £110


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** Before booking an appointment please ensure you download and agree to the Covid-19 Policy & Protocol for all in person sessions.


** Note: Karyn is very committed to her work and clients, and in return asks for these terms & conditions to be respected. Please be mindful, your appointment time will automatically be filled by another client, if payment has not been made to secure your booking. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.





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