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Reflexology is an ancient complementary therapy, also known as pressure therapy or compression massage, applied on the feet. Reflex points or reflex areas on the feet correspond to mirror the body and organs. Crystalline deposits in these reflex areas indicate congestion in the body, which in turn indicates that the body is out of balance (illness or disease). Applying pressure to these reflexes on the feet stimulates the body’s own healing mechanisms thereby bringing about a state of equilibrium. It initiates a set of reactions that force the body into its own needs thereby the balancing effects of the treatment help the body to deal with the symptoms more effectively.


Reflexology is normally performed with the client in a semi-reclining position so that the therapist can observe the client’s face. The treatment normally involves gentle relaxing massage strokes, followed by treating specific reflexes - points on mainly the feet that correspond to parts of the body and which are relevant to the client’s needs. The actual treatment normally last between 30 and 45 minutes. Most people need around 3-6 treatments to detoxify and eliminate waste from the body to allow the healing phase to start. The number of treatments required would vary according to the nature of your conditions/state of health, your sensitivity to the treatment and any lifestyle changes you make.



  • Back/Shoulder/Neck Pain

  • Circulatory disorders

  • Digestive disorders

  • Hormone imbalances

  • Infertility

  • Low energy levels

  • Migraines/Headaches

  • Respiratory problems

  • Sleep disorders

  • Stimulates the immune system

  • Stress and more

  • Pain related conditions



Reflexology has been known to have the following benefits:

  • Assists the body to gain a natural equilibrium and in turn promotes self-healing (homeostasis)

  • Encourages the release of toxins

  • Induces a state of relaxation

  • Improves blood supply

  • Improves circulation and lymph flow

  • Is a preventative treatment therefore helping to prevent the body from becoming ill

  • Promotes the flow of nerve impulses

  • Reduces congestion

  • Reduces nerve inflammation

  • Reduces stress

  • Aids detoxification of organs



Karyn is a professionally qualified reflexologist, specialising in fertility / pregnancy issues, stress relief, pain relief, health and wellbeing. She works within a Holistic approach to bring about long-term healing. She has been practicing since 2005, offers over 14 years of practical working experience and has achieved 99.9% success rates, helping couples to fall pregnant and continue with the pregnancy through to full term. Please note that this may vary from person to person and is not a guarantee.



£45 for 1-hour session

£65 for 1.5 hours Reflexology & Reiki Session


Call/text or WhatsApp Karyn on 07464 617 315

Email: [email protected]



** A 50% deposit is required at the time of booking (within 24hrs) to secure your appointments. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation. If there is no notification of cancellation of appointment prior to 48hrs notice or non-attendance on day of appointment (no show), payment made is non-refundable.


** Before booking an appointment please ensure you download and agree to the Covid-19 Policy & Protocol for all in person sessions.


** Note: Karyn is very committed to her work and clients, and in return asks for these terms & conditions to be respected. Please be mindful, your appointment time will automatically be filled by another client, if payment has not been made to secure your booking. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.



“Karyn is the most powerful channel for angelic energy that I have ever met.  I can feel the divine energy passing through her hands and directing itself to the Chakra or body position where it is needed.  I see a whole array of colours coming in waves and inducing a deep relaxation. I have been seeing Karyn for regular Reiki and Reflexology treatment.  When I started treatments, my energy was very low and I suffered a lot of pain due to muscular skeletal problems and my lungs were so clogged that I had difficulty raising my voice.  Despite constant coughing I could not clear my chest.  Karyn dealt with my issues sensitively and holistically on a mind, body and spirit level.  Reflexology helped to unclog my lungs and the Reiki assisted me with speaking my truth.  I regained my strong singing voice and now enjoy choirs and some solo singing.  My pain management skills have been much enhanced by the combination of Reiki and Reflexology.  Karyn’s spirit and angelic guides have gently enabled me to obtain a clear insight into the sources of my physical and psychological pain.  I have safely been conducted on a deep soul journey into many past lives, some of which were traumatic and on others, allowing retrieval and integration of talents and pleasant experiences.  Karyn has taught me to nurture my inner child and brought reassuring messages from the spirit world.  I highly recommend Karyn as a healer.  She always works from the light.  The wide range of therapies, for which she is trained, enables her to gear the healing to the needs of each individual. The holistic approach is directed as and when each issue surfaces.  I am very grateful to God for sending Karyn to us as she is truly an earth angel, who assists people to raise their vibrations and find access to their higher selves.”  Millom, Cumbria *


” My Partner and I had been trying to conceive for some time. Reflexology was recommended as a last resort before we try IVF. I feel pregnant within 3 months of starting treatment with Karyn. She has helped us to naturally conceive, which has been a major blessing. We are deeply grateful.” Windermere, Cumbria *


“I got in touch with Karyn as I was suffering with Stress and Heart burn. I am caring for my mother who is 90 and she is disabled so I have Karyn come to me in Grasmere to give both myself and my mother Joyce reflexology. I no longer suffer from heart burn, that has now been 3 years. Reflexology and Karyn helped Joyce decrease her medication for water retention, and over time she came off the tablets all together much to the surprise of her GP. Karyn is both professional, caring and thorough and we can highly recommend her.” Grasmere, Cumbria *


“You know I can’t just quite believe how she knows exactly what is going on in my body I think what she does is truly amazing” Grasmere *


“I was recommended to try reflexology through a friend of mine who said Karyn was doing a taster day. I haven’t looked back since. I came to see Karin as I was suffering from Diabetes and was generally feeling low sluggish and suffered from painful joints. I found Karyn to be very professional; she explained to me that my sessions would be altered to accommodate my conditions. I found that even though my treatments were gentler I have seen tremendous results. All my shoulder pains have gone, and my left knee is so much better. My Ankles are less swollen, and I have more energy. I found Reflexology has changed my life I continue to see Karyn even though I feel so much better.” Barrow-In-Furness *


"My wife and I have been seeing Karyn since 2005, once every 2 - 4 months for a top up, reflexology helps to relieve our stressful lives and brings our body back into balance." Windermere, Cumbria *


“Whilst I was on holiday in the UK from South Africa, I saw Karyn for Reiki and Reflexology treatments.  As I myself am a Therapeutic Reflexologist with a 2 yr. Dip in Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Physiology & Meridians I was greatly impressed with Karyn's qualifications and techniques that she used when applying her therapies. I felt the relief of the pain I was experiencing and could feel that my chakras were once again aligned. I highly recommend Karyn in any of her treatments.  She has a natural gift and her whole approach to the client is her understanding of their needs and problems that they are experiencing, whether they are physical or psychological.  She also has a very calming effect on a person when she is treating them. I wish her great success in her future treatments and maintains to help the people in need that are willing to turn to alternative ways of stabilizing one's own body.” South Africa *


"My very elderly mother fell and hurt her hip and pelvic area. We had gone for x-rays all was fine however the doctors insisted on feeding her high dosage painkillers which would have been detrimental to her health. I took her to see Karyn, who worked on her over a period of 4 weeks. Her pain noticeably decreased after each session and she was able to sleep and walk allot better. Her recovery has been remarkable." Windermere, Cumbria *


"I started visiting Karyn for reflexology when I was 31 weeks pregnant. It was brilliant and I strongly recommend it to anyone who's pregnant. I had a session every 2 weeks and each time I had a slightly different ailment for Karin to tackle, ranging from a stiff neck, aching lower back and very painful pelvis. Karyn worked on these areas and I definitely felt relief that same evening. The sessions were very relaxing and just what I needed after a long day at work and even when I finished work at 35 weeks!" Kendal, Cumbria *


“My partner and I have been trying to conceive for over 2 years with no luck. We went through all the standard investigations and there were no problems with either of us. After much trying and getting nowhere, I decided to try reflexology to help me conceive. Karyn discussed the treatment plan and what we may expect within the 3 months of having the treatment. To my utter amazement we fell pregnant halfway through the treatment plan. after nine months gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I will always be grateful for her help." Carnforth, Lancashire *


“We have been trying to conceive for some time, over 2 years. We failed 3 attempted at fertility treatment. Reflexology was our last desperate attempt to conceive as I was running out of time due to my age. I had 6 sessions of reflexology and was a little disappointment when I had not conceived by the last treatment. After 2 months I realised that I was actually 3 months pregnant which meant I had conceived during the reflexology treatments. To this day I can’t believe it. We now have a beautiful health baby boy." Barrow, Cumbria *


* This may vary from person to person