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Intergration of past life wounds & gifts

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Soul Clearing can be accessed via hypnosis through regression, energetic healing or shamanic healing. The healer gains an overall picture of the patterns / old contracts / agreements / blockages / cords that are holding the person back from moving forward in this life.


Over lifetimes, it is believed that we as souls accumulate experiences, lessons, learnings, contracts agreements, curses, cords and spiritual gifts we have developed through each lifetime. Sometimes old energetic patterns, agreements, contracts, wounds and fears are brought forward into this lifetime to work through. Some of these are no longer need or useful and a soul healing session may provide a healing/clearing out of all the old things that are no longer needed in this moment in time, that hinder you from fulfilling your souls’ current life journey and purpose.


Negative energetic cords form between people who have caused fear, pain, anger etc. These energetic cords can be carried over lifetimes and drain your energy for this current life’s’ fulfilment. Cord cutting can be useful when you have ended a relationship, but still feel connected on some level that is not positive. Positive cords of love will always remain connected to souls who are connected.



  • Dissolve old contracts and agreements from previous lifetimes, still affecting this lifetime

  • Dissolve negative cords draining your energy

  • Remove earthbound or entity attachments

  • Remove unseen curses & blockages

  • Rebalance energy between current lifetime relationship breakups

  • Rebalance soul energy needed in this lifetime

  • Release fears

  • Bring forth new insights into current life lessons

  • Bring forth new spiritual energy



Karyn prefers to work with you in ‘real time’. This means that she prefers to work with the healee at a suitable time, where the healee can create time and space to relax and take in the healing, like one would in a face to face healing session. It is important that the healee has a safe, uninterrupted space for an hour or more to fully benefit from the soul healing. The healee may either fall asleep during the healing, this is perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. If the healee is present throughout the whole healing session, they may feel tingling, see colours, feel different sensations, begin to feel deeply relaxed for example. This is also perfectly normal.


The Soul Clearing Karyn offers works on an energetic. It is like distant healing, however working on a ‘soul level’ with the intention to remove blockages, rebalance energies and bring forth insights.  Karyn works alongside Spirit to clear, heal and remove issues/obstacles that are allowed to be removed for your highest good.


PLEASE NOTE: With any healing, you are required to drink plenty of water afterwards and take care of your-self, as the healing may bring about changes which may take time to fully integrate. This may include a gentle rest of the evening. Please avoid caffeine and alcohol after the session.


Once the Soul Clearing session is over, Karyn will type up a full report of the healing session. This may include, guidance, insights, or just be a general report on what areas the healing energy was working through at the time of the healing. Please note that a Soul Healing session is different for each person and will work on areas and in different way for each person.



Soul Clearing (remote includes Cord Cutting & Energy Clearing) with report - 1.5 Hours - £95


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** Payment is required in full at the time of booking (within 24hrs) to secure your appointment/s. Failure to do so will result in automatic cancellation. If there is no notification of cancellation of appointment prior to 48hrs notice or non-attendance on day of appointment (no show), payment made is non-refundable.


** Note: Karyn is very committed to her work and clients, and in return asks for these terms & conditions to be respected. Please be mindful, your appointment time will automatically be filled by another client, if payment has not been made to secure your booking. Thank you for your understanding in this regard.


** Please read the disclaimer at the bottom of this page prior to making a booking.  Upon making a booking, you therefore give consent to and are in agreement with these terms and disclaimer.




All soul clearings should not be substituted for Professional Medical, Legal or Financial Advice.  A doctor or health care provider should be consulted for any medical conditions. No guarantee can be given on their accuracy. Soul clearings given are applicable at that moment in time only. What you do after the healing may alter the results. Please make Karyn aware of any medication being taken currently, this includes illegal substances as this could affect your healing.


You are personally responsible for your own life and the choices you make are yours and no one else. Awaken Inner Sense will not be held responsible or liable for any actions taken after a distant healing, you have free will and therefore you are personally responsible for any decisions and actions you may take. Please be aware that if you withhold important information that may directly affect your healing you will be held accountable. No soul healing sessions will be provided for children under the age of 18.