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Intergration of past life wounds & gifts

Holistic Integrative Progressive Transformational

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Welcome to Awaken Inner Sense, an umbrella for holistic, integrative, progressive and transformational therapies, healing, development and enlightenment:


We hold within us all the guidance, solutions and knowledge we could possibly need during our life's journey. Accessing your inner ‘sense’ awakens you to your own personal power, truth and inner healing.


Are you truly committed to your healing journey, spiritual/self-development or soul’s progression process?

  • Do you feel lost, stuck and a crossroads?

  • Do you wish to break free of old limiting patterns/behaviours holding you back?

  • Do you wish to heal deep rooted patterns/issues?

  • Are you searching for deeper and more joyful meaning in your life?

  • Do you wish to gain a greater sense of clarity and self-awareness?

  • Do you wish to awaken or reconnect with your true potential?

  • Do you wish to development authentic self-empowerment?

  • Do you wish to connection to a deeper sense of self love, self-belief and self-trust?

  • Do you wish to access you own inner healing abilities?

  • Do you wish to progress on your healing/spiritual/self-development or soul’s journey?


If you wish to make progress or transform an area of your life and need a committed, supportive and nurturing environment then Karyn may be able to assist.



It is recommended that you look at the benefits of each therapy you are drawn to and decide from there. If you are still not sure, Karyn will be happy to discuss this with you further.


If, however, there is a lot going on in your life and your life feels ‘upside down’ it could be an incredible time in your life to ‘transform’ several issues which may be intertwined or entangled. A bespoke package may be more suitable and will address these areas in a holistic manner.


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